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Master of Education in Psychology of Education (06637)  NOT for registration as Educational Psychologist

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Hons BEd (School Guidance and Counselling)/(Psycho-educational support)

The purpose of the Hons BEd (School Guidance and Counselling/Psycho-educational support) is to equip you with the required knowledge, skills and competences that will help you to facilitate personal, academic and career growth in educational settings. Forums where such support is based are school-based support teams or institution-level support teams, life orientation and district-based support teams.

A further aim of the Hons BEd (PeS) is to enable students to apply for selection for a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology* (professional degree) or to apply for the MEd (Psychology of Education) which is an academic degree. The professional M Ed (Educational Psychology) degree leads to registration as educational psychologist at the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) if accredited by the Council.

The Hons BEd (PeS) specialisation stream is an academic and not a professional qualification. Completion of the honours degree including the two modules (HBEDAAG and HBEDOPW) does not lead to registration as registered counsellor or psychometrist at the HPCSA. In addition to the career path in education, it serves as bridging course to further studies pending your admission to a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology* (professional qualification) or the MEd in Psychology of Education (academic Master’s degree).

The first year (generic) modules of the Hons BEd degree are:

The Hons BEd (PeS) specialisation stream consists of two modules.

In Assessment for learning and development (HBEDAAG) you will be guided in the theory and practice of formal and informal assessment. You will be provided with practical information regarding the intellectual, emotional, socio-behavioural and career-based aspects of assessment. A further aim is to facilitate the development of your research skills whereby you will be conducting a research project in psycho-educational support.

Facilitating learning and development (HBEDOPW) is based on a social constructivist paradigm with an emphasis on self in society and wellness. Facilitation of growth in the learning, emotional and behavioural domains is based on the positive psychology and asset-based discourses.

Furthermore, these modules will be presented by following a blended approach. This entails communication via our online learning environment, myUnisa, and printed study material. No contact classes will be presented although video conferences may be scheduled. As a registered UNISA student, you will have access to the myUnisa electronic portal. From there you can access various online resources to assist you in your studies.

Admission requirements

The admission requirement for Hons BEd is a three year degree, followed by a teaching qualification, such as the Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) OR a four year teaching degree.

How to register for HBEDAAG and  HBEDOPW

There are no special admission forms and no selection process for this specialisation stream. Although you are allowed to register for the five modules (the full Hons BEd degree) in one year, you are strongly advised to take the five modules over two years. Keep in mind that admission to any Master’s degree requires an average of 60% for the Hons BEd modules and taking all the modules in one year may detract from a high academic standard.

To register for this specialisation stream access the UNISA website, click on First time registrations and follow the process.



Assessment will take place by means of written assignments and a theoretical examination (two examination papers with the duration of three hours each) in October/November.

Enquiries: Prof D Kruger at

* Master in Education (Educational Psychology)

Kindly take note that this qualification is currently under revision and that it will not be available until further notice. This means that after completion of BEd Hons (PeS) you may unfortunately not be able to immediately proceed to apply for selection for the Master’s degree at Unisa. However, you may apply at other universities that offer a professional M Ed in Educational Psychology with the Unisa BEd Hons (PeS).


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